Action for Autism

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Action for Autism team.  They were amazing!  And the best part is that this foundation is doing right by the children.

Action for Autism began fundraising to help autistic children but have branched into a school for preschoolers-high school.  They offer year round services to children in need.

I am excited to not only partner with Action for Autism for our iPad donation but also to continue supporting their ventures in the future.

I have in my hand 5 pictures of beautiful children who have been chosen to receive the 5 iPads that each of you helped us raise the money for. Each one is just as deserving and as adorable as the next.  I wish I could supply iPads for every child in this school but I feel that this is a fantastic start.

In early November we will be presenting the iPads to the children and their families and begin in a new journey to help aid this school.  My husband and I have discussed the needs of this foundation and we are trying to decide if we would like to donate a smart board for one of the classrooms or begin a scholarship to help support a child’s family as they struggle to afford the services that their child so desperately needs.

I am greatly encouraged by each of your generous donations and look forward to partnering with YOU in the coming months as we focus on a new goal.


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