For those of you who love a little heat with your books, these are right up your steamy little alley. These tales contain varying elements of smexiness, suspense, relatably flawed characters, a layer of darkness, and romance.

JASPER- Book 1

Romantic Suspense

Nothing is as it seems.

My name is Aspen Roan. Working for a high-end escort service in the heart of London, I pride myself in keeping clients at arm’s length. I am not a stripper or a hooker. And I don’t pleasure men for anything or anyone. Period. At least that is until Jasper Theron crosses my path and challenges everything I believe in. He is wealthy, mysterious, and devilishly good looking.

Why the hell is he interested in me?

When my co-workers start turning up dead and my best friend goes missing, I find myself trapped in Jasper’s world of sex, lies, and hit men.

Jasper may be a man haunted by demons, but I am far from a saint.