Apocalyptic Fantasy


Release Date- 11/12/2013

An exciting blend of fantasy, romance, super human abilities, destiny and sexy aliens comes together in the first book in the action packed series.

Illyria has never known a life without the Rebellion. After an alien invasion decimated the planet years before, she and her friends have spent their lives training to fight. Kill or die. Trust no one. Love is for fools. That is the way of things. At least it was until Illyria stumbles across Bastien, a dark and dangerous stranger who makes Illyria question everything she knows. He alone knows her secret. A deadly power surges within her, threatening to destroy everything around her and Bastien is the only one who can hold it at bay.

Trapped between a hatred of her enemy and her desperate need to understand who and what she is, Illyria must seek help from Kyan, an alien whose tale of Illyria’s origins comes with a terrible burden. Duty wars with her heart as she steps onto the path set before her, but she risks underestimating the most potent force on Earth—love. Will she have the strength to sacrifice her heart in order to save her people?

I love it when a book that I got for free turns out to be something that I would have willingly paid for.

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Release Date: 12/27/2013

The rising may be over, but the war for Illyria’s people continues to rage. King Aloysius knows that Illyria and her immense power exists and will stop at nothing to possess her. Jealousy soon drives a wedge between Illyria and Eamon as she struggles to follow the path of her destiny. But when Bastien reveals himself to be her guide into enemy territory, an ambush lands both of them in the hands of the enemy and Illyria must come face to face with a truth she is not ready to face…marriage to the King.

Will she be able to set aside her heart once more for the good of her people or will she finally succumb and let everything around her crumble for the sake of love?

Well, Amy Miles did it again. She excels at creating worlds that feel real, characters that are like old friends, and epic battles that leave you breathless.

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Release Date: 4/29/2014

Memories may be altered, but a heart never forgets its true love.

Peace has come to Calisted under Illyria’s new reign as Queen. Volunteers return to Earth to help rebuild the damage done under Aloysius’ orders. With her new husband at her side, Illyria has many things to celebrate and yet she worries that this time of peace is only fleeting. Dreams of war plague her, alongside a man with piercing sapphire blue eyes. She can’t shake the feeling that she knows this stranger. And that he is a vital piece missing in her life.

When an attack on the palace leaves her imprisoned on a distant planet with this blue eyed stranger, Illyria must discover a strength within herself to survive. She’s no longer fighting only for herself anymore. Her true enemy must be stopped. All Illyria cares about now is vengeance as retribution for their crimes against the universe.

But is Illyria willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her people one last time?

This series never left you bored. The character development was great and the ending….wow, I never saw that coming. This was a great compliment to the series and I was glad to have got a chance to experience it!

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