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From the Embers-FINAL-ebooklgNineteen-year-old Ember Ramsey creates trouble everywhere she goes, and right now, she’s on the warpath. Driven to avenge her momma’s brutal murder, she infiltrates a world of bloodthirsty monsters, but as a flame-wielding fighter, she might be the deadliest of them all. When she enters a fight club in Denver to squeeze information out of a known snitch, she comes face to face with the black-eyed demon who haunts her nightmares.

With her mark finally in sight, Ember trails the killer to a quaint mountain town. But when her welcoming committee includes a nosey rent-a-cop, a cocky local with suspicious connections, and a whole slew of supernaturals living side by side, Ember realizes that Havenwood Falls is no ordinary town. Finding her momma’s killer just got a whole lot harder.

Never before has Ember been so close to her goal, but with each step she takes, her control weakens. Soon the fires will spread, and Ember is no longer sure she can hold back the incredible power she possesses. Or that she wants to—even if it means burning Havenwood Falls to the ground


Writing as Everly Dalton

Alt Last Call

They say your life flashes before your eyes in the moment right before you die, but that’s not true for everyone. Mine didn’t even warrant a tiny flicker of light. At least not until I opened my eyes to see Elliot Carter staring up at me. That’s when my life finally started.





Writing as Everly Dalton

Sexy young coupleOlivia Doyle doesn’t take shit from anyone. Least of all the cocky new cover model for erotica author, Tamsin Archer’s new book release. Slade Collins has another thing coming if he thinks that she’s willing to stand in line with his adoring fans just to drool all over him. Not that he’s not totally drool worthy. But that’s beside the point.

Slade Collins has got it made. After years of struggling to get noticed, he has finally landed a modeling gig. And it’s not just any gig. Its with an infamous party girl author who seems far more interested in living it up than she does actually writing. Slade is hopeful that attaching himself to Tamsin’s side will launch his career into orbit. At least that is until Olivia sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong and shows him that fame isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.