Forbidden Update

Hi everyone,

Things have been kinda crazy around here for the last week or so.  I apologize for not posting sooner but if you follow me on Facebook you hopefully don’t feel too left out.

I have an update for everyone 🙂

My revisions of Forbidden were completed tonight.  I have sent them back to my editor for a final read through and as soon as I have the green light I will be uploading the new version so everyone can update their version.  And for anyone who is interested in a paperback version of Forbidden I will be working on that shortly.

Thank you for all of the support despite the editing issues.  I have had a blast working with my new editor and I have learned a valuable lesson as to the need of a professional opinion.  If you are a writer and are thinking of sliding in this area, please don’t.  It is crucial, even when you have amazing readers who are willing to overlook mistakes to see the story beyond 🙂

As I journey to finish Defiance Rising I will be working hard to meet the deadline of Nov 17th while making revisions to Reckoning when I return from our family vacation.

And for those of you who are begging to know what happens to Gabriel and Roseline…I will begin writing Redemption in November.  It is getting closer!

Please share your thoughts

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