We still stand

It is easy to get wrapped up in our own worlds- our health issues, finances, children’s activities.  I know I do it all the time.  I forget to lift me head and look around.  But today is one of those days where I do.

Everyone has a 9/11 story to share.  They remember the exact moment they heard it on the radio, saw it on TV or was shaken out of bed to the news.  I have the same story and it is one that I will never forget.  Why?  Because it was the first time we felt vulnerable.

America is a great country.  We have so many privileges that people around the world can’t even dream of.  We have cars, access to running water, air conditioning, schools, health care, etc.  But we forget the most important one of all…freedom.

Today, as I should everyday, I give thanks for the freedom that has come at the price of so many lives, both military and civilian.  On September 11th, 2001 people set aside their differences for one event that rocked our world…but the impact that day should be carried through to the next day and the next and the next. Loving people and remembering sacrifice shouldn’t happen only one day a year.

To the victims of 9/11 my prayers are with you.

To the heroes of 9/11 I applaud you.

To the children who will grow up to learn about this in history books I implore you to remember that on this day America did not crumble…we united.

One thought on “We still stand

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