Book Review: Raised by Wolves

I picked up the RAISED BY WOLVES book about a year ago while bored to tears at Heathrow Airport. It sounded great and I was sure that I could finish it on the trip home to America but in the end I didn’t touch it at all. It has sat on my book shelf for far too long and I decided two days ago to pick it up again. I am really glad that I did.

This book was so refreshing. To be honest, I was tired of all of the typical werewolf novels but this one really grabbed my attention. I loved the writing style and I loved Bryn’s character.

I truly enjoyed this book and the best part, which I have only just discovered, is that they next two books are already out. Benefit of being behind the game 🙂

Would highly recommend this to my friends

Overall rating is a 4 star.

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