Plucking Along

So I’ve had a huge month this past month and I know I haven’t been blogging near  as much as I should have been.  But if you are following me on Facebook you haven’t missed anything.

Forbidden is currently undergoing editing (not by me this time!) as I know there were some things that needed polishing.  I am really excited to have an editor go through it line by line.  I did the best I could on my own but this is a perfect example for why paying an editor is crucial for writers!

Defiance Rising is coming along.  The beginning has been a tad slower than I would  have liked but this month has been uber crazy for me.  But I am plucking along at a decent pace and am holding steady on my own personal release date.  Also, I am working with my new graphic designer on the cover and although we have had some modeling issues, I am hoping we can begin working on this soon.

And for those of you who are fans of the Arotas Trilogy…I am working on it.  The rough outline for Redemption is completed.  I am beginning to work on a more detailed outline and plan to begin work on the actual writing part in November while on vacation in England.  I am very excited to begin work on this project.

So there are you.  A general update on all things books in my life.  I am thrilled with how well Forbidden and Reckoning continue to do in the Amazon charts, especially now that my books have been added to several of the lists in the UK as well.  This has been an amazing month and I look forward to soon being able to announce the donation totals having reached enough for the 5th and final iPad.  I can not wait to be able to share this experience with you as we hand out the iPads to autism families.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me along the way and who have spread the news about Forbidden and Reckoning!

Please share your thoughts

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