Removing Photos

If you take a glance back through any of my older posts, you will notice a change:  I have removed many of the photos that graced my blog pages.  After hearing from a fellow author who had the misfortune of being sued for unknowingly using an artists photo she found on google images, I decided it was best to remove the images that I have used in the past.

I know the posts won’t look as pretty, but I certainly don’t want to infringe against anyone’s copyrights.

2 thoughts on “Removing Photos

  1. Google images isn’t a tool to find royalty free images, it matches keywords against image filenames on web-sites. The results also show the web-site that the image is on.

    If you find images on the Internet you would like to use, don’t be afraid to contact the photographer for permission.

    If the image has no obvious owner, ask the owner of the web-site it’s on or use the reverse search feature provided by google image search to find which other web-sites it appears on.


    1. Hi Martin,
      Thanks so much for your insight! I’m terrible when it comes to this sort of stuff, and I know so many other people are as well. It is sad that so many people are using and sharing images that they honestly don’t realize are copyrighted. Of course not everyone is like that, but I like to believe the majority are.
      For me, as soon as I found out that what I was doing was copyright infringement I set out to delete the images because I certainly don’t want to steal from anyone else’s hard work.
      Thanks so much for sharing Martin. I hope others can read your message and adjust their picture blogging habits.

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