Guest Post with BSP

If you’ve been a connoisseur of AmyMilesBooks you will know that I had a wonderful experience working with Jamey Stegmaier, of Blank Slate Press, a couple months back.  He was always prompt with any questions that I had and always willing to offer advice or help, even after we parted ways.  So I was pleased when he contacted me to do a guest post for Blank Slate Press.

He asked me to give a run down of my journey over the past 45 days, the process that I used to get to this point and any advice that I might have to share.  (I am so not worthy to be sharing any advice haha)

So take a look and let me know what you think.

AND…if you are wanting to seek out a publishing company who actually cares about developing their authors, and giving you one on one attention, I highly recommend Blank Slate Press.  So after you get done reading my post, browse through their authors and decide if they might be the best fit for your book.

Please share your thoughts

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