Two in the Top 10

So…my teen paranormal romance, FORBIDDEN, isn’t in just one top 10 list now, but two.  What is going on?!?!?

I woke up this morning rated at-

Contemporary Fantasy: #5

Fantasy Romance: #9

Fantasy Romance Books: #21

How does that even happen?  Each time I check my sales, I am literally blown away.  I can’t keep up with how quickly all of this has snowballed.  I find myself obsessively checking my stats at least once an hour just to see if I have sold more.  Since I was out of town most of today it was a huge shock to see the leap from this morning to early evening.

I am simply blown away by the support that has been given to FORBIDDEN.

E-book readers are the best!

I am so excited to release RECKONING, the sequel, but I am trying to tweak each little detail to make sure it is the best I can offer to you.  You are the reason I write, and I want to write something worthy of your excitement.

Please share your thoughts

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