Ranking Meltdown

If you want to get a reaction out of authors, all you have to do is mess with their rankings.  Today, Amazon did just that.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the computer glitch in any way on Amazon, things happen, but this disaster sure ruined my plans this morning.

My entire day was allotted to editing.  How much have I managed to accomplish?  ZERO!

Why?  Because I woke up to a call from my husband letting me know my ranking wasn’t just wrong…it was GONE.  Like poof.  No more Forbidden.

I was pacing like a tiger in a small cage.  What the heck was going on?  The more I looked into it, it appeared as if the top 20 of every Amazon list had been wiped out and replaced with a new set of people.  Not only that, but the people who suddenly found themselves with fantastic rankings weren’t pulling in any sales.

It was a system wide disaster.  The forums started filling up with irate authors, and confused newbies to the top 100 lists.

I was really sweating it.

What if Amazon plugged me back into their program and I had fallen out of the top 100 because of lack of sales?  How long would it take to recover from this debacle?

Now…I am breathing again.  The error appears to have been fixed.  I am right where I should have been, minus several sales I’m sure.  All is right with the world again.

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