The Amazing Spiderman Redo

Last night, I took a break from editing to have a date night with my hubby.  We decided to go see the new Amazing Spiderman movie.  I have to admit, the previews did look decent, but I was worried.  It looked pretty much like the same basic plot.

I was right.

Despite the wonderful smattering of sarcastic humor, delightful wit and brilliant special effects, I found myself getting bored.  In all fairness, they did a fantastic job with this movie.  Far superior to the others, which I didn’t enjoy at all.  But this felt like a Hollywood redo.

Was it enjoyable?  Yes.  Will I watch it again?  Probably not.  It was a bit too violent and intense for me to watch with my 5 year old, despite his endearing pleas to the contrary.

If I were to rate this movie as a stand alone, I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.  But if you add in the fact that they had to redo much of the same plotline my rating goes down to a dismal 3 star.  And I think I might be a tad generous with that.

Haven’t seen the original? Then you will probably love this version!

Best part of the movie…preview for Dark Knight Rises.  Anyone else psyched about that?

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Spiderman Redo

  1. I haven’t had any desire to see this movie…I can’t wrap my head around the fact that they’re pretty much ‘re-doing’ the Spiderman that already blew my mind with its awesomeness…why mess with perfection? This movie isn’t for me, and I never saw the point in releasing it. Hmph! (that’s me pouting, HAHA)

    1. I’m in agreement that this shouldn’t have been a remake. Just start with a new villain and move on from where they were. I loved the sarcasm though. This Peter Parker was more to my liking.

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