Woeful Reviews

A wise quote from a unknown self-published author- “Never read your book reviews.  The good ones will inflate your ego and cause you to slack off.  And the bad ones just ruin your day.”

Today, I finally understood the ramifications of this advice.  Up until now, I have managed to squeak by with 3 star ratings and up…but I knew this day would come.  The dreaded 1 star rating arrived.  And not just a rating. Oh no.  I got a lengthy explanation as to why my book sucks.

On the upside, I took her comments on board and agreed with a couple of them.  I am grateful for the time that it took for her to write such an in-depth outlook on my novel.  I realize that not everyone will love my books as much as I do.  Let’s face it, my every changing style just might not be your cup of tea.

But what defines you as a writer is how you respond to the criticism.  Do you go cry in a corner, convinced that your book truly is terrible?   Do you make a snide comment back that you will later regret?  Do you start to doubt your calling as a writer?  Do you give up on your dream?

I hope the answer is NO.

One bad review or a thousand does not define who you are.  Are there areas that you can improve?  Always.  But that is the beauty of this journey.  We grow with each sentence we type.  We expand our skills.  Learn new ways of conveying into words the painting that our mind creates.

Reviews, both negative and positive are the lifeblood of any author.  It is a gauge on how far we have come.  I am thankful for this opportunity to meet and converse with someone who truly does not see eye to eye with me.

Because of this…I will become a better author.

(But that doesn’t give you all the right to go bash my book now just so I can grow!  Haha!)


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