What I’m Reading

People sometimes ask me…how do you choose books to read?  This might seem like a simple question to answer, but when you are me (and I am!) it’s complicated.  I am a woman of odd tastes.  I love anything from sci-fi to mascara running chick-lit.  I want to cry.  I want to swoon.  And I want a character that can smash zombie brains in.  Ok, maybe not zombies…but you get the picture.  I am eclectic.

But what I tend to veer towards when I enter a library or a bookstore is the teen section.  Now, I realize that I’m edging a teeny bit closer to the big 3 0 but I still love a good YA read.  I guess that’s a good thing since I’m a YA author, huh?

If you ever want to know what I am reading, just check the main page of my blog.  I will always show the book cover and link it to it’s reviews on goodreads.  If I love it, you will hear about it.  If I hate you, your will definitely hear about it!

But another thing that I’ve added to my extensive to-do list is to start reading more self-pubbed authors.  To be honest, my time is very precious to me.  I’m a busy mom, wife and budding author.  If I am going to invest time away from my family in a book then I want it to be a good one.  And I want the same thing for you.  So I promise, that in every review I post, I will try to be as forth coming with my ratings as I can be.

I’m a rather opinionated person, if you haven’t discovered that yet, and I’m not afraid to share the good, the bad, and the oh my gosh that should be thrown in a burn pile. (Not literally of course!  That would be awful.)

I cringe when I even think of actually burning a book.

BUT my reviews are just that…mine.  I welcome you to follow my reviews, but make your own decisions.  Don’t judge a book based on a cover (or bad review).

Please share your thoughts

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