Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Since it has been brought to my attention by a reader that someone is actually reading my book reviews, I thought I would share another one.  Here goes my thoughts on DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE.

This review rating was pretty hard for me to decide on. A part of me wanted to give Laini Taylor a 4 star for how brilliant the last forth of the novel was…but it really took a lot of effort to keep driving through the beginning and middle.

I won’t get into great detail (you can find spoilers elsewhere) but I will say that the writing style was beautiful. Within the first page I was drawn in.

For me it was the length of time that it took to actually build the story. There was a great deal of information with little action. I know my reading style does not match everyone, and I hope that you do read this book for yourself.

For originality and beautiful descriptions I would easily give this book a 4 star rating. For characters, I would even go so far as to give a 4 star. But when it came to the length of development time I can’t give above a 3 star. If I had not been strongly recommended this book by two other people, I probably would have put it down after only 50 pages.

Am I glad I finished the book, yes? Will I read the sequel to find to find out what happens? Honestly, probably not. I will let my friend tell me.

I think this is a book that most people either love or hate.  I’m on the fence.  What do you think?

Please share your thoughts

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