The Selection (pre-review)

Isn’t this a beautiful cover?

While browsing for a book to take with me on our mini-vacation, I stumbled across a newly released teen novel called THE SELECTION.  Let me start off by saying…this is a gorgeous cover.  High five to the designer!  It was visually appealing.

Even though I took the book with me, I knew I had a LOT of work to complete on my own novel so it was sort of my brain fart go to book to get my own creative juices flowing (sounds kinda icky when you put it that way doesn’t it?)

Well…let me tell you that I am addicted to this book.  And as with all addictions, it’s not a good thing.  I have work to do!  Doesn’t this author know that?  ARGH!

So…if you like teen novels, the idea of being selected out of a crowd of girls by a prince (who doesn’t?) and the agnst of young love then you need to grab a copy of this book.  I’m only three chapters in and I am hooked.  Now if only I can find sneak in time to read some more while I’m working on my own edits.

I think I see a lengthy bubble bath in my future! 

4 thoughts on “The Selection (pre-review)

    1. Well I’ve had a bit of time to read…in the bathroom. Ahem. And I must say it’s still a good book but unfortunately it feels very similar to The Hunger Games. My guess will be The Selection will have cut throat girls who will be “killing the others off” one by one.
      BUT since I love the Hunger Games…it’s not a bad book to emulate!

    1. Oh dear. I didn’t realize it would be a trilogy. Should have known that. That’s where publishers make their money! Well…I’m only four chapters in so I guess I will see how it turns out

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