Plastic surgery for book covers

Have you ever published a book (I’m talking self-published here) with a book cover that you originally fell in love with, only to find that it no longer fits your theme later on?  I’m currently having this dilemma with my teen paranormal romance FORBIDDEN.

My original book cover.

The original photo I chose called to me, partly because it was a friends photo but also because I knew it was symbolic of my book.  It was perfect.  Skip ahead a few months and I’m nearing the publication of the sequel and have fallen into a quandary.

The first book cover was great…but I can not carry it on into the rest of my trilogy.

Decisions.  Decisions.

Not to mention added cost on top.

But I believe that the new covers that I have selected will not only tie the trilogy together in a more unified manner, but will also be more appealing to my general market.  I know that traditionally published books tend to choose new covers from time to time, with new printings.  Is it unusual to do so with self-published books?

Have you ever done a face lift to your books?  Have you garnered more success or disappointment from your current fans?  Would you make the same choice again?


4 thoughts on “Plastic surgery for book covers

  1. Amy, times change and while the story inside may be the same there’s nothing wrong with seeing that a different cover will speak better to the theme of the book. Traditional publishers do it all the time for various reasons – one important one I believe is that it creates a freshness to the book to reach potentially new readers. Go ahead and get that lift! Also, check out this post I just did on book covers

    1. Thanks Nicola,
      I too have seen several of my favorite books go through a series of cover changes. I typically have a soft spot for the original. I guess that doesn’t change, even with your own. But I must say I am thrilled with the new book cover, so it’s a great trade off. My sales have increased and I’ve had contact from several of my readers applauding the change. I am glad I made the update.
      Thanks so much for your comment!

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