Why stop at one?

So, despite being admitted to the hospital yesterday, I had a really fantastic day.  Maybe it’s just the morphine talking here (which is very likely at this point) but I am on top of the world.

Yesterday I blogged to let everyone know that I officially hit the top 100 list for contemporary fantasy at rank 97 on Amazon kindle.  Throughout the day I bounced around, sometimes falling off then shooting right back onto the list.  Then what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a SECOND top 100 list for futuristic fiction.

As of 5am (doc decided 4am was the perfect time to do blood work so I’m WIDE awake now!) I am holding steady at 67 on the contemporary fantasy and 71 on the futuristic fiction.  If I didn’t worry about ripping my iv out, I’d definitely be doing my snoopy dance!

My sales are skyrocketing.  I can barely believe how lucky I’ve been in the past day.  I know to most best selling kindle authors, my numbers would be pretty puny, but for me it’s like an avalanche of support and that makes this all worth it.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have purchased my book, whether free or otherwise 🙂  Without you I’d be having a truly terrible day in the hospital.  Who knew a $0.99 e-book could make you feel so good!


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