The World has been watching…

Can anyone really be surprised at the huge outpouring of love for The Hunger Games this past weekend?  Come one…the world has been held on baited breath for several months now  waiting for the opening night.

Ok, ok, i know not EVERYONE was excited about the release.  But let me tell you…my little town (who fights to claim the right to be called a tiny city) had The Hunger Games playing in 4 theaters.  4!  Twilight wasn’t even that big!

Let me tell you folks, the Hunger Games is sweeping not just America, but much of the world.  Suzanne Collin’s was correct….the world was watching.

I’ve heard rumors of a total of 4 movies?  Has anyone else heard that?  I’m not getting too excited yet.  Just enjoying the ride, here and now.

So, what did you think of the movie?  Darn good adaption or should have been left as a book?

*hint*  I’m tilting towards the first one!


Please share your thoughts

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