I just hit a top 100 list!

Do you ever have those moments in life where you feel like your life could go one of two ways?  That point where all of your doubts teeter on a high wire and you could tumble into failure or soar into success?  I’m at that point.  Right here. Today.

After my giveaway ended, I assumed that my sales would go back to normal.  Slow but snail steady.  I was happy with that.  I was reaching people, meeting new amazing readers and making a little money.  BUT that was not in the cards for me, this time.

When my husband awoke me this morning, I was blurry eyed.  My son was up most of the night with a painful ear infection- you parents can relate to how heart wrenching that can be!   So when my hubby bounced into bed and asked if I’d checked my stats, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy.

Yep, this is how I imagine I would look!

But when he informed me that I’d had more sales in the last day than I normally have in a month, I woke up pretty darn quick.  Like two little kids on Christmas morn, we checked my stats.  I am officially in the top 100 for paid comtemporary fantasy ebooks on Amazon.  If my bladder hadn’t been screaming at me, I’d totally have done a happy dance!  Probably would have looked like snoopy haha

This is huge for me.  Another reminder that I’d doing what I should be.

Thank you to everyone of you who have supported me and helped me reach rank 97.

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