Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer

As some of you know, if you’ve been reading my blog posts, that I read a lot of teen fiction to stay in tune with the market.  And one of my favorite reads has been Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade trilogy.

When Bloodrose was released, the final installment in the trilogy, I was so anxious to read it.  Problem was, my library hadn’t received it yet and my local Walmart didn’t carry it yet.  I was stuck!  

But as luck would have it, my library ordered the book and I snagged a copy.  In and amongst my own writing, I finished Bloodrose.  Here’s my view:

I’d heard several people say that they were happy with the book because Andrea wasn’t afraid to kill off main characters.  That to me makes a good author!  

The storyline flowed well.  There was action, tension and release throughout the book…with a smattering of romances along the way.  The ending made me cry, no spoilers as to why, but I was satisfied with it.

My only qualm with the book….I hated how anti climatic the “final battle” was.  I truly expected more.  But…over all a very enjoyable book, and certainly a trilogy.

A must read for anyone who enjoys teen paranormal romance books!

Star rating: 4 stars.  

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