Book review: J.A. Konrath’s Origin

Let me preface this by saying Horror is not my genre.  Apparently I should read between the lines when I download an ebook because J.A. Konrath’s book gave me the creeps on several occasions.  Well done!  Now I have to sleep with my light on!

Origin is fascinating, disturbing and darn it I can’t put it down!  Even though every part of me is screaming “This is not your genre.  You hate horror!” I can’t stop reading it.  Which is truly annoying because with each scene Konrath amps up the tension.  Thank goodness my nails are painted cause otherwise they’d be gone!
A brief description of Origin:
A group of scientists unearth a being of unknown origin and is transported to a secret government lab for study.  After 100 years of study, the subject wakes up.  The question is…what is he?
Bub, named after Beelzebub, is a mystery to all.  Is he Satan?  A demon?  Or an alien to our planet?
He twists and turns the scientists, playing off their fears and emotions, as he tricks them into giving him everything he wants.  And then…everything goes terribly wrong.
Bodies reanimate, demons attack and the small group of scientists are racing against the ticking clock of a nuclear bomb, the governments solution to cleaning up any mistakes.
This fast paced, and vividly descriptive story definitely got my heart pumping. 
I give Origin a 5 our of 5 stars for being a perfect example on how to create tension and never let your readers go!

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