When your Muse smacks you in the head…

As a writer, I’ve learned that what you want to happen, and what actually happens sometimes don’t line up.  I had this happen a couple days ago. 
I wrote a homework assignment two months ago for my writers group that really piqued my interest.  I knew that it could some day turn into a really interesting book but I had no clue where I would go with it.  It’s on my list of novels to get to at the END of the year.  After I finish the Arotas Trilogy and the Rising Trilogy.
Well my Muse decided to change my plans.  Here I am in the middle of writing my sequel to Forbidden and I am smacked up the side of the head with a brilliant book idea.  It’s a continuation of my homework that I set aside!
Now I’m not just talking about only a name or maybe the first chapter. I have the ENTIRE book sorted out in my mind. 
That’s insane!  And terrible inconvenient. 
I can’t just drop everything to work on another book…or can I?  Should I?
This is the dilemma I have lived with the past couple days.  My head is swelling with so many ideas I can’t sleep, can’t focus and am pretty much zoned out half the time thinking about it.
My husband wants me to finish my trilogy, and I completely understand why.  I want it done too.  But when your Muse shoves something like this is your path I honestly think that you need listen.  Even if only for a couple days.
I have files upon files of ideas for the book.  Characters developed before my eyes.  A plot.  Book title.  Even a hint at something larger…perhaps another trilogy?  (Yikes!)
So my plan is to write as much of it down while I’ve got it and get back to work on Arotas.  Just because your Muse throws you a curve ball does not mean you let go of your goals.   

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