Trylle Series

If you’re an Amanda Hocking fan, like me, you’re waiting anxiously for Amanda’s new Trylle trilogy to arrive in bookstores. 
After reading one of her posts on Facebook earlier today, I flipped over to her link of the newly released book trailer for Switched.  I must say that even though I’ve already read the books the trailer made it even cooler.
Can’t wait for the books to be turned into a movie.  Well done Amanda.  I’m sure you are thrilled with how well loved your books have become.  I can only dream that someday I can experience the same kind of following with my own teen books.
Now I’m trying to decide if I should dare to read Hollowmen, the sequel in Amanda’s chilling post apocalyptic zombie infested world.  I really want to…but I HATE zombies.  They really creep me out!

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