Blood: Book Review

By: K.J. Wignall
First off…judging by the cover of this book, which I have to admit was rather enticing, I thought this story was going to take on an enticing twist.  Sadly, no.
Blood is K.J. Wignall’s first novel for young adults.  The storyline sounded interesting, the cover was appealing and it sounded like a good book all around.  But in fact it just felt blah to me. 
The story if is of a vampire who awakes from his slumber to torture himself once more for the existence that he never chose for himself, a half-life.  Oddly his target to feed from just happens to be a man who is playing his part in Will’s destiny, drawing back from over 700 years in his past.
There were a small smattering of encounters with spirits that left me confused.  I had to re-read them a couple times to finally understand how they fit into the grand scheme.  The writing style flowed well enough but the storyline fell flat for me.
So much that last night I stopped reading with only 10 pages left in the book…and I honestly didn’t care how the book ended.  Isn’t that sad?  I basically finished the book just because I wanted to be able to give a fair review, just in case it got better.
The ending was anticlimactic bordering pathetically boring.  No flare.  No thrill.  Nothing.  I get that this book is part of a trilogy (I think) but I for one will not be reading it.
For those of you who love Vampire books…who love Vampire romances…this is not a book for you.  The small hint of romance that is given is pretty much crushed by the fact that Eloise tastes like food to Will, and causes him pain when he kisses her.  Not real romantic there!
Overall…3 stars.  And I think that’s being generous. 
If you did enjoy blood the sequel Alchemy will be released in America in Fall 2012.

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