Crossed by Ally Condie

Crossed: Book 2 of the Matched Trilogy
I was shocked when I was browsing the new teen release section of my library a couple days ago when I found Crossed sitting nonchalantly on the shelf.  No way!  I’ve had this book on order for almost a month and now it’s just sitting there?  So not fair.
But was I going to walk out of there without it tucked under me arm. Heck no! 
Total reading time…somewhere around two days, with a whole lot of housework, cooking baking and Christmas present wrapping mingled in.  So I’d say that’s not too bad considering the time of year.
Initial thoughts:  Loved the first half and then I got bored.  I was so excited that Crossed didn’t seem to have that middle book syndrome that bores you with details and not enough action.  I was enthralled from page one.  But somewhere around the middle it just went blah for me.
I get that Ally Condie had to continue the question of who Cassia would choose, Ky or Xander.  But it seemed to me that she made Ky too despondent.  Their interaction became rather annoying to be honest.  After fighting through so much to find each other, wouldn’t you think they’d be MORE thrilled when they meet up?  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I felt let down.
I did enjoy some new characters that were introduced into the book.  Their unique personalities added a wealth of diversity to the story.  I also enjoyed getting to know more of what Earth might look like outside of the Society.  The “bad lands” as I would call them. 
The ending was decent but I didn’t exactly feel gripped.  When the third book comes out I will read it just so I know how the trilogy will end but I’m not gnawing off my nails waiting for it.  Pity.  I had such high hopes when the book first began. 
Overall rating: 4 stars because it was an enjoyable read.   

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