Your opinion matters

As a soon to be published author I’m excited and terrified of the reviews my book will receive.  I’m sure this is normal with all writers.  A book is like your baby.  You labor over it, help it walk on unsteady feet and then let go and hope it takes off running.  But what if it crashes and burns?  Oh the fears and doubts we writers experience.

My new book, Defiance Rising, is my baby.  I’ve spent the past 2 years writing and re-writing.  Cutting, pasting and hacking at my chapters.  My book has changed more times that I care to think about…but each time it’s gotten a little better.  The ups soar higher.  The downs are more dramatic.  My characters are more well rounded…I hope!

But after 2 years of laboring over my book…is it enough? Will people love my characters as much as I do?  Will they reach the ending and beg for more? 

My Defiance Rising book is the first of three.  I’m 3/4 through the second book and I’ve begun writing the 3rd.  It’s so exciting for me as a writer to see the progression of my characters.  To see them stumble and fall, to get back up and press on.  I’ve fallen in love with them and I so desperately want my readers to feel the same way.

Reader reviews are the lifeblood of writers.  Their opinions are the only ones that count because they’re the ones keeping you going.  I told my husband the other night that if only one person, that I don’t know, says they enjoyed my book then it will all be worth it.  Soon I’ll get to see if I was right.

Please share your thoughts

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