Following your dreams

I had a talk with a girl I know this afternoon about following her dreams.  She’s got this “crazy” idea of what she’d like in life but hasn’t truly pursued it.  Are you like that?  You’ve got that one thing that just lights up your life like a million Christmas lights, but you’re afraid to do it?

Maybe your parents wouldn’t approve or other people would think it’s silly.  Who cares?  If there is something that makes you happy, truly happy, then don’t let anyone keep you from it. 

Did that sound a little soap boxy? 

I’ve learned some hard lessons over the past couple of years.  Life has a way of knocking you where it hurts.  But the amazing thing is that tough times and tears can teach you a lot about yourself.  Life taught me to believe in myself. 

I’ve spent years writing.  It was my passion but I let fear and doubt hold me back.  Then I had a wake up call that changed my life.  I’d let life hold me back and I was done hiding in the corner.  So what did I do?  I wrote my first “official” book.  Been working on it for the past two years and I’m only a few weeks away from publishing it as an e-book.

To be honest…I’ve never been happier!  Taking that leap of faith and choosing to believe in myself has brought me to this point, on the verge of being able to call myself an author and I’m ecstatic.  I’ve finally realized that I was born to write.  I no longer wonder what I should do with my life or what job I should try to apply for.  I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and it feels amazing.

So I want to encourage you to follow your dream.  No matter how small or big, how crazy or impossible it  might seem.  You are worth the time and effort. 

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