If there’s one thing that I have learned in my short career as a writer is that it is EXTREMELY easy to get overextended.  Marketing, rough drafts, editing, formatting, publishing, interviews, book reviews, blog posts and so on.  I could literally spend 24 hours a day trying to get everything done and it still wouldn’t be enough.  So at what point do you say enough is enough?

I read an article not long ago by a blogger/author Joe Konrath that spoke of putting immense importance on getting your books on a much shelf space as you can.  Until then, don’t sweat the promoting. Just write.

I like his theory.  Of course he’s got YEARS on me and about 40 novels as well…so he has the time to blog.  Me?  Right now I should be writing on my book, or answering my overflowing in-box, or posting interviews, or doing book reviews…but instead I sit here, rambling because my mind is burnt out!

I’ve been working hot and heavy on my upcoming book, Immortal Rose, and it’s coming along so well…if I only had more hours in the day!  But…I can’t write, market, blog, etc all the time.  My brain needs a break at times. 

So, I’m going to shut down my lap top and turn on the Cardinals game and cheer them on to a victory.  Go Cards!  (I’m not actually a baseball fan but since I live near them…)

What do you do to relax when you’re overextended?

Please share your thoughts

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