The Maze Runner and Scorch Trials by James Dashner

The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials are a must read in my book. If you love sci-fi, government conspiracies and the challenge of trying to “figure it out” then these books are for you.  I read The Maze Runner back in 2009 when it was first released and instantly fell in love with its uniqueness.  I had hoped that The Scorch Trials would be good but it far exceeded my expectations!

The book begins with a teen boy who awakens to find himself in a large glade with dozens of boys staring down at him.  The boy, Thomas, has no memory of how got to the glade or even who he is past his own name.  Despite his uneasiness with his new surroundings he quickly discovers that the glade is not a safe place to live.  The glade is surrounded by large stone walls with doors that lead out into a maze.  Each night the doors close to keep out the grievers…hideous monsters that attack anyone that dares spend the night in the maze.

As Thomas adjusts to the strange life in the glade he begins to realize that he knows the maze…it’s familiar to him.  Conflicts arise as a new arrival brings about drastic changes, forcing the gladers to make some hard decisions.  This book is action packed!  I loved it from start to finish.  The ending definitely leaves you begging for more.

The sequel The Scorch Trials expands on the government conspiracy theory.  Thomas and the survivors of the maze trials are forced out into the real world to deal with the survivors of the Flare, the name given to the madness that attacked people after solar flares messed with their minds.  Crazy obstacles stand in their way as they fight to survive, including black goo that practically eats your head right off, an insane lightnight storm and a whole city full of crazies!  Action packed with a small smattering of romantic issues as well as more thought provoking mysteries to unravel.  A must read!

The final book in the series, The Death Cure, is set to be released in 2011 and I will definitely be waiting for this one to arrive! 

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