Crave by Laura Burns and Melinda Metz

Crave is your typical vampire story told with a twist.  I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It was another one that I started early in the morning at the gym…worked out 30 minutes longer than I had planned because I was enjoying it so much.  Last night I decided to lounge in a bubble bath and then moved on to my comfy bed to finish off the book.

Crave is a young adult romantic fantasy about the life of a high school girl whose only dream has been to be normal.  She can’t run, can’t dance and can’t go to parties because a rare blood disease leaves her too weak to enjoy life.  But when her step-father starts Shay on new treatments she finds that she is getting much more than a new burst of energy…she’s living the life of handsome vampire named Gabriel.

The plot doesn’t really keep you guessing but it’s still an enjoyable ride as Shay discovers Gabriel locked away in her step-father’s lab.  They go on the run and despite knowing that Gabriel is dangerous she chooses to remain by his side as he regains his strength.  The ending is predictable…although I must say I was disappointed with how abrupt the ending was. 

All in all a good read.  Well written.  Sure it’s another vampire book…but at least this one made me think.  I do hope there will be a second book because I wasn’t satisfied with this ending.  I wanted to know more.

Guess that’s a good thing!

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