Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

For those of you who might be a little tired of reading about vampires and werewolves…I have to say that you need to read one more.  Nightshade by Andrea Cremer is well worth the few hours of lost sleep!  I picked this book up around 9am and by 2am that next morning I had finished it…while somehow maintaining my other motherly duties!

Nightshade is a young adult romantic fantasy that revolves around the love triangle of Calla Tor, Ren Laroche and Shay Doren.  Calla is the alpha wolf of the nightshade clan and is destined to be the mate of Ren who is the alpha male of her rival clan.  Calla struggles throughout the book to accept her relationship with Ren…especially when a human, Shay, steps in to mess everything up.  As Calla begins to step beyond the boundaries set by the elders she begins to see that the history passed down to her people wasn’t as accurate as had been assumed. 

This book has a nice mixture of suspense, action and a smattering of romance.  I found it to be an easy read, enjoyable and left me wanting more.  The second book Wolfsbane will be released in July 2011 and I will be waiting for its arrival!

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