The Limit by Kristen Landon

The Limit was a book that made me stop and think…always something I’m looking for in a good read.  The story line is based on a thirteen year old boy named Matt who is forced to go to a work camp to work off his parent’s out of control spending.  In a world where the government creates a spending limit for each family, over spending runs rampant.  The penalty?  Send your oldest child to work off your debt while the parent’s keep right on spending.

Matt soon discovers that his work camp isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when kids on his floor begin to suffer from terrible headaches.  He goes on the hunt for the real purpose behind his work camp, finding out that sometimes things are not always as they were created to be.

In my opinion The Limit is well worth the read…especially for kids in that age bracket.  As a 20’s mom I was still able to enjoy it, even though the slang terms are a bit new to me.  I guess I’m getting older!

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