Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Firelight just might be the next big thing since Twilight.  It’s getting rave reviews…but I didn’t know any of that when I picked it up off the shelf two months ago.  Nor did I have any clue who the author was.  But now I do and I LOVE her!

Sophie Jordan is also Sharie Kohler who writes Historical Romance as well as paranormal books.  I fell in love with her through Firelight but she already has a well established career long before Firelight hit the stores.

Firelight is a young adult paranormal series about a teenage girl, Jacinda, who is more than human.  She’s a draki, a descendant of dragons.  But she’s different than the rest of her pride…she’s a fire breather.  Her pride wants her to mate, to produce more fire breathers but Jacinda wants control of her own life.

She goes on the run with her family into the human world.  Although she can transform into a human state she is most comfortable in her draki skin.  Forced to live in a dry desert, she slowly begins to lose her draki self…until she stumbles across Will, a draki hunter who saved her life in the beginning of the book.

Jacinda will struggle not only with blending into the human world, dealing with the lingering effects of her pride but mostly with the growing love that she has for the man whom she should be hiding from.  Firelight is a great book!  Beautifully written, fantastic imagery and downright thrilling!  I can’t wait for the second book to be released.

As a side note…because of my love of Sophie’s writing I went on a quest to read all of her books.  In doing so I jumped genres over into the historical romance.  Now I’m a hopeless romantic and love to read about couples falling in love, but I gotta admit there were a few scenes that made me blush!  But her intimate scenes aside I have to admit that Sophie Jordan has got to be one of my favorite authors to read. 

If you need help learning how to “show” a scene instead of telling it…pick up one of her books!  She’s fantastic.  I’ve grown as a writer just in reading her work!  A must read!

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