This is an area that I greatly struggle with.  Some people that I speak to enjoy writing and do so as a once in a while hobby.  But for me it’s a need, an addiction akin to the likes of some of the best drugs on the market.  I’ve always been like that…whether reading or writing.  I live to create a new world in my mind.  But reality tells us that life must go on.

So how do we gain perspective in our lives?  How do we set goals that enable us to achieve everything necessary to keep our lives in order?  Set mini goals.

For me, as a housewife and stay at home mom, my “job” is to take care of the house and be with my son.  I can’t do that too well when I’m focused on a computer screen all day long.  So how do I manage to make it all work?  Well, to be perfectly honest, some days are worse than others.  I do have a tendency to push aside necessary chores in order to get that last bit of inspiration typed out.  It’s a flaw…sigh…but something I am working on.

My goal for each day is to try to have my house at least look respectable in case visitors were to drop in unannounced.  No it’s not always to my husbands standards, which I know is an area that I need work on, but I do my best.  So I set aside strict times in which I can write.  When my son’s at school or in the evenings when my family has gone to bed.  I set aside “me” time for writing.  That way my life can proceed as planned and everyone wins.

So how about you?  How do you fit it all in to your busy day?

Please share your thoughts

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