Blurry eyed and yawning my head off…

Do you ever stay up too late to write?  You stare blankly at the vivid white screen and think for the millionth time that you should be in bed.  Sometimes it’s easy to blow past your bedtime.  For me, the wee hours of the night are my best opportunities to write.  The house is quiet, the tv is finally off and I can focus all of my attention on the blank page in front of me.  But when your eye lids begin to droop and your concentration plummets into the depths of sleep deprivation then it’s time to call it quits.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply call it a night.  Forcing yourself to stay awake will only accomplish the obvious…typos, forced creativity and probably a whopping headache to boot!  It’s just not worth it!  Write down your final thoughts for the night and get some rest.  You’ll feel refreshed and ready to make a new start tomorrow.

Best tip of the day: if you want to be a great writer then get some sleep.  without a rejuvenated mind how can you possibly hope to perform at your peak?

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