Bite off more than you can chew?

Thousands of people across the country share the same dream…taking that leap from writer to author.  It’s a grand goal…but not one that can simply be achieved through a pretty smile or directionless purpose.  To become the author that you long to be you have to set goals, milestones that you can mark along the way.

I look at the journey of a writer much like an overweight person that is desperate to shed those unsightly pounds.  They strive so hard for their main goal that they completely overlook the journey.  Or they get so overwhelmed by the 100lbs that they need to lose that they forget to celebrate the 2lbs they lost this week.

It’s all about perspective.  Are you looking at the big picture or are you dissecting it into small, attainable goals?  Either way you can reach the prize but taking the small baby steps will make the journey much more relaxed and enjoyable!

So you have had an epiphany and you’re sure that you’ve got the next best selling idea.  What next?  Well logic tells you that you can’t simply sit down and write the book.  It takes planning, detail and a lot of blood, sweat and tears before you complete your manuscript.  For some that might mean only a couple months invested…others a lifetime. 

You’re goal may be to have your newly published book in your hands, the smooth glossy cover sliding like silk under your fingertips as you lovingly caress your masterpiece…but there are many steps between an idea and a finished product.

So…words for the wise (and it’s only because I’ve been there too!) set a small goal for tomorrow.  Maybe it’s sketch out one scene or create a full 3-D view of one character that goes beyond the general hair and eye color.  Create mannerisms that will endear your character to your readers. 

Or perhaps you need to work towards finishing three paragraphs by the end of the day.  If you’re adventuresome try for an entire chapter.  Whatever your goal might be, make sure it is realistic.  Plan out your day, set aside “me time” to write and work towards that goal.

If we writers don’t schedule in our writing time it’s easy for it to simply disappear like vapor in the wind.  Set your mind to it and do it.  Be your own champion.  Believe that no matter how many doubts might be tumbling around in that brain of yours that you are worth taking the time to invest in yourself!

My personal goal for tomorrow: return to a manuscript that I began a couple weeks ago and write another two chapters. 

What’s your goal?

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