The Wonders of Great Feedback

Humans, born with a need for praise, long to hear words of affirmation. What better way to get that as a writer than to join a small writers critique group. I have been a part of a local group since November and I like it…no I LOVE it! Once a month we get together to share how the past month has inspired us to continue putting words to paper. We encourage each other, share in the trials and joys of great characters and stumbling road blocks…but we are in it together.
Nothing serves as greater encouragement than to have fellow writers who share the same passion you do. Personally I was beginning to think that I was a misfit in my town. No one I knew even cared about reading, let alone writing as a fun hobby. I was a loner…until I found my group. Now…I fit in with the other obsessed writers!
Some people are writers because they enjoy dabbling in tossing a few words together on a blank page and waiting to see what comes from it…others are born to write. They are compelled…a deep seeded longing within their soul to feel their fingers fluttering across the keys, or clenched tightly to a ball point pen. I am one such person. If I couldn’t write daily I feel like I would simply burst! Is that the way you feel?
So last night my group met and I was given such glowing praise for my homework that I just had to share it with you in a separate blog. We were given a name and told to have at it. The response that I got simply made my night. Heck it made my entire week!
I encourage you to find a group that will help you to grow, encourage you to work on the areas that you need strengthening and allow your creativity to soar! Have fun!

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