Looking for a book convention to attend?

Are you looking for a book convention to attend in 2016 that has it all?

Penned Con is in full on prep mode to celebrate our 3rd year this September in St. Louis and we are going bigger and better. We have 150 amazing authors, two-day book signings with ample time to stick around and chat with your favorite authors, fun panels and sessions for readers, workshops for aspiring writers with industry professionals and authors who have been exactly where you are, keynote speakers to inspire you, a fantastic dance party Friday night and a luau dinner/awards party on Saturday to round out the event.

Penned Con is a family-friendly event that welcomes readers of all ages. Come and learn, fan girl and be a part of our efforts to raise money for Action for Autism! With reader and attendee help, over the past two years we have raised over $21,000 for this amazing scholarship and in 2016 we want to continue giving back!

Nerf ClubBUT before the party begins, we have added an extra treat for the whole family. Welcome to the Penned Con 2016’s Nerf Club!  All ticketed attendees are welcome to join us in a full on capture the flag event where teams will be chosen and someone is going down! Bring your own gun and bullets and prepare for battle!

*The Penned Con staff does recommend bringing a form of eye protection with you as bullets have a tendency to strike in less than optimal locations.

REPORT FOR DUTY and join us by grabbing your ticket today to Penned Con 2016.

For more details on all that Penned Con has to offer, check out our website at Penned Con.

Haven’t snagged your ticket to attend yet? Grab yours today here!

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