Learn to self publish like a pro

For those of you who joined us last year at Penned Con you know that Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, taught a couple workshops on merchandising and preorders. This year he has graciously offered to expand these workshops in ways that will benefit the newbie writer on up!

1. Intro to ebook publishing
2. Tutorial on formatting like a pro
3. Ebook publishing best practices
4. How to hit a bestseller list with ebook pre-orders

Each of these sessions will be 45 mins to an hour. For anyone looking to learn more about how to get your foot into the industry or discover marketing tips, you will want to join in with these workshops!

If you are looking for an author/reader event to attend this year, check out http://www.pennedcon.com

Tickets are available for single or double day attendance, as well as the masquerade ball awards dance. This year Penned Con also brings you the It’s All About Teens day on July 23rd to teach and inspire young writers.

July 23-25th St. Louis Mo.

Don’t miss it!

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