Screen play to be novelized by Amy Miles

I have been asked countless times recently what I am working on and I apologize for being vague with some of my answers. Trust me I’ve been dying to spill this news.  I know it’s been a few months since I published anything and now you know part of the reason for that. So now I FINALLY get to share the first of three huge announcements that are coming this year.

Award Winning Director Pearry Teo and Best Selling Author Amy Miles Collaborate to Bring Bedlam Stories to Life in Novels.

To view the film trailer: 

  (You REALLY need to see this. It is AMAZING!!!  Directed by Pearry Teo)

Please note the attached trailer contains horror elements that may not be suitable for children.

Bedlam Stories is a film franchise created by Teo, centered around characters from Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy and Alice are inmates in the notorious Bedlam Asylum. Their imaginative worlds are destroyed when they are subjected to cruel treatments and experimentations by Doctor Braun as he seeks to tap into the powers of the young girls. Undercover journalist Nellie Bly fakes insanity for the chance to discover the inner workings of the asylum only to find herself caught in the middle as Oz and Wonderland collide.

On the Eve of the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, Teo and Miles aim to present a horror re-imagining of the beloved characters we grew up with.

Teo and Miles were introduced by their agent, Italia Gandolfo, CEO of Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Agency. On signing the deal, Gandolfo said “Representing both Pearry and Amy, I noticed a similar creative vein between them; so it didn’t take long to match them into the perfect team for Bedlam Stories.”

The first book release is scheduled for 2016.

One thought on “Screen play to be novelized by Amy Miles

  1. This is so awesome Amy !! I’m so excited for you !!
    Congratulations !!! ❤️
    I’m going to go watch trailer again 😃

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