Know Your Worth

In my 32 years of life I have learned a few lessons along the way. Some were easy lessons: look before you cross the street, be nice to others, and share what you have with those in need. Then come the harder lessons, the ones that take time and pain to truly learn.  One of those lessons is knowing your own worth.

Believing in yourself and your work is not something that can be taught through words but rather through actions, thoughts and experiences. Far too many times people are raised with self doubts, with words of discouragement or a sense of inadequacy.  It becomes an ingrained behavior to think lower of ourselves and our skills than we should.

A perfect example of this is in writing, a skill that can and should be learned, but it is also an outpouring of your soul that is who you are. No one can teach you that.

I will be perfectly honest. I am an author without an official college degree.  Life and choices that I made led me away from finishing college and for the longest time I was under the belief that without a proper education I was not qualified, not good enough to write a book.  Thankfully I realized that was complete crap!

self worth

Writing is a passion of mine, something that makes me excited to get out of bed  each morning. Because let’s face it…beds are pretty much heaven on Earth!

I spent years filling notebooks with my stories. Hidden away for no one to see because I didn’t feel worthy of anyone reading them. I lost myself to far off and fantastical lands that I knew others might enjoy but I held myself back.

So let’s say you are like me and one day you wake up and realize it’s time to start believing in yourself. That you deserve a dream just like everyone else. You write the book, you invest the blood, sweat and tears and you are ready to hit publish as a newbie author on the block. Then what?

How do you determine your book value to readers?  This is a question every new author should consider.

Is $0.99 still the premium rate to capture reader attention? How about $2.99?  Am I devaluing my book if I set it lower than $4.99?

Let me tell you there is no right or wrong answer. There are only motives.  Why did you write a book?  For money?  For fame?  To see your name on an NYT Bestseller list?  Or did you write the book because of a deep rooted love?

There are plenty of marketing tips that I could give you on best days to release, playing with algorithms or using sales to your advantage but that is not the basis of this post.

Know your worth and that of your books. If your goal is to entertain and grow a following then be proud of a $0.99 book.  Use perma free books to reach readers and know that you are not “giving away” your hard work but investing in your future.  If you are more concerned with short term goals then consider a higher list price and allow sales to work to your advantage.

Placing value in your work has little to do with the price tag and more to do with your attitude behind it. The first book in both my Arotas Series and my Rising Trilogy are permanently free for the sole purpose of allowing people to try out my writing style without costing them anything.  If they fall in love with the characters then they will decide if they want to purchase further books.

My advice is to follow your heart…not trends.  Everyone has an opinion but only you know what is right for you.  Just like some people make the mistake in relationships, worthiness should be defined by you, not by anyone else.

“Do not be afraid to place value in yourself.”~ Amy

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