The Write Stuff: Let’s Talk About Health

Fruits vendor

Doesn’t the picture of that farmers market above just scream health and vitality?  Look at the beautiful colors!  When was the last time you had bowlful of the rainbow (and I’m not talking Lucky Charms folks!)

There is an epidemic running amongst authors and readers these days.  It’s not the consumption of caffeine, though some of you are attached to your Starbucks or cappuccino machines like a physical lifeline.   It’s not even the mindless snacking that we do while we work or read, though Lord knows I consume my fair share of salty/crunchy goodness while I write.

So what is this epidemic I speak of?  Numb-bottom-itis.  Yes. That is my new official term for it. We SIT TOO LONG!

All I have to do is hop onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc for a few minutes and I start to see a pattern. Poor health. Aching joints. Illness. Depression.  The list is endless.  So what do we do? We turn back to food and books for comfort.

Now I personally think books are the best drug of choice on the market, but I think we can do a few things about the other.  I am not a doctor and I’m certainly not an expert, but I am an author who spends 12+ hours sitting behind a laptop, so I feel you. I struggle with feeling exhausted all the time. I get irritable, forget to eat, eat too much, drown the stress of a deadline in the bottom of a chip bowl and wash it down with a cupcake to celebrate.

So I’m going to start a new journey. Raw foods, juicing, and *gasp* exercise.  I’m not perfect. I will screw up. But don’t we all?

My career as an author is only just truly beginning. My hectic writing schedule and traveling across the country to signings will continue.  Those are givens that I can’t change.  What I CAN do is impact small things in my day to make huge waves in my life. Join me as I experiment with new foods, juicing and healthy tips that work for me. Maybe one little tip could help impact your own life.

“It’s not about how far you fall, but how tall you stand afterward.”~ Amy Miles

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