Spamming…getting real!

Rarely do I share things online that annoy me. I always try to be upbeat and fun, but there comes a time when you just haveExhausted businessman to say something, not for the sake of complaining but in an attempt to help.

My biggest pet peeve as an indie author is receiving a friend request by an indie author only to have them slam me with a request to like their page, download their free ebook, watch their book trailer and so on all without even saying “hi, my name is Joe Bob and I just wanted to meet you.”

There are several reasons why this shouldn’t be done.

  1. I know it should be obvious, but frankly I think it’s not.  Contacting a complete stranger to pimp your work without even saying a personal hi is rude.  Plain and simple.
  2. My initial reaction to these messages is less than welcoming.  In fact, it makes me more inclined to either unfriend you on Facebook or Twitter than to actually share your information, and certainly not download it for myself.
  3. It is tactless.
  4. It leaves the person feeling used.
  5. Authors are busy people. I don’t care if you have one book out or twenty. We are trying to write in the spare time life allows and when you send us messages like this it takes away from the time we could be speaking with people who care enough to get to know us.
  6. I am predominately a YA author.  PLEASE at least show me that you have looked at  my page long enough to realize this before you send me your blatantly erotic covers and ask me to pimp your books. I have 12 year olds who read my books.  Enough said.
  7. It’s spamming. I don’t care if your book is free.  That doesn’t mean I want it shoved in my face.
  8. Although you have shown little tact in how you approached me, if you then respond in anger when I tell you that I will NOT be sharing your information, you’re making it real easy for me to remember your name for the future.
  9. You are annoying the people you most need to support you in this industry.
  10. I know a lot of very successful indie authors who have become successful, not by spamming people, but by building relationships.  Learn from them.

There are other reasons, but you get the point.

I LOVE to help share new authors and books when I can, but usually those are only for authors who I care about.  And by saying that I mean the ones who took the time to “meet” me. As mentioned in #6 above, I am VERY careful of what I promote because I do have young readers.  They are very important to me.  You’re unsolicited erotic novel is not.

So my plea today is to the authors out there.  You have a book, and yes you think its the next bestseller and you want the world to know about it.  Spend some time and google marketing tips.  Chat with bloggers for the sake of getting to know them.  Friend authors in your genre, not to pimp yourself but to learn and grow.  There are always people who know more than you.  Create a mentor.  Don’t spam.  For goodness sake don’t tag authors just so you can win a contest or post your books on their page without asking.

Make friends in the industry and they will help you more than you could ever imagine.  Make enemies by spamming and people will remember you for all the wrong reasons.

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