Halloween Apocalypse Fun

Hi everyone!

I’ve been away for a while. Sorry for that!  My husband and I have had our heads buried in the creation of Penned Con, a St. Wither_Ebook (1)Louis based book event that took place just this past weekend. It was a BLAST and everyone had a great experience but it has put me on a time crunch to get my other work done…namely my upcoming thriller, WITHER.

In the true spirit of the Halloween season I decided a year ago that I would write my very first horror novel.  With rabid Walking Dead fans as my readers, many of them wanted to read my take on the apocalypse so I thought “what the heck.  I can do this.”

WITHER is my version of a zombie apocalypse…with a twist.

In this book you can expect some graphic scenes.  It is a horror novel after all!  Suspense.  Action.  Death.  Betrayal. Guilt. Survival.  It’s all in there…but there’s so much more as well.

WITHER doesn’t focus solely on the zombies but on human nature, asking the question how far would YOU go to survive just one more day.  Would you kill your neighbor to save your own skin?  Would you betray another just for something to eat?  Would you toss your morals aside solely for the sake of survival?

This is my first “adult” book and it will deal with some tough subjects.  For the first time since I began writing I have added swearing and a sex scene to my book, simply because it was vital to creating genuine characters.  There will be innocent people hurt.  There will be some pretty intense death scenes.  If you are a parent of a teen who has read and loved my other books, I highly recommend reading Wither first.

This book has been the hardest for me to write to date.  It has stretched me and thrown me WAY out of my own comfort zone.  It’s been a wild ride.  I hope you enjoy my take on the apocalypse.

I will be posting teasers in the days to come…


PS: for those of you who do NOT like flesh eating zombies…you are safe with this book…for now

Think you would like to give WITHER a try?  It is now available for preorder:

ibooks: http://bit.ly/witheribookspreorder

apple: http://amzn.to/1uH8Ott

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