Ready to devour a zombie novel???

With the huge success and rabid fans of The Walking Dead I have to admit that I have FINALLY been sucked into the zombie craze. Don’t get me wrong…they still freak me out but I’ve grown to have an appreciation for the psychological aspects that revolve around the human relationships during a world wide apocalypse and it inspired me to write my own.

A few months back I started asking “what if what we think about zombies isn’t right? What if it’s really the humans you need to fear?” And that opened me up to some cool alternatives and WITHER was born.

I’m currently working on the final book blurb and cover. WITHER will be available for preorder shortly on iBooks and will release in time for Halloween. I’ll be posting blurbs and teasers for you to decide if this book is for you.

If you are looking for a novel without flesh eating zombies and enjoy a good thriller, keep WITHER in mind.

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