Skin Deep: Jocelyn Stover

skin deepLet me preface this review by saying that I do not normally read in the romance genre. I am a die hard fantasy lover so when I was told to read this book I went into it knowing that this probably wouldn’t be my thing. With that being said, I adored Jocelyn’s snarky characters. The plot moved seamlessly and the witty remarks kept me hooked.

Skin Deep has romance, it has heart ache and it has redemption. All of the things that I love in a good book. If you are looking for a romance novel with a bit of heat then Skin Deep is a great book to read.

5 stars for helping this fantasy lover discover that some romance novels are worth reading!

For my young adult readers I would like to point out that Skin Deep is a new adult novel so please take that into consideration.  I admittedly blushed multiple times while reading this book.

Want to read Skin Deep?  Click on the link below.  It’s only $0.99 right now!!!!

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