Not Alone

Normally I don’t make a habit of sharing things spread around on FB but I saw this posted and felt the need to share because this topic is close to my heart. This story begins in a manner that you assume will be extremely condescending towards overweight people. Read on though. (click the link just below to read the article)

FB message to overweight girl running on track

As a person who has struggled with weight and health issues since highschool I for one applaud ANYONE who is willing to make a change in their life. People with weight issues many times feel very insecure going to a gym or running in their neighborhood. I’ve been there. I know.

To all of you out there who struggle with your weight…you are not alone. Your battle is not fought alone. I understand and so do countless others. All it takes is one small step at a time. One healthy choice. One ounce of belief in yourself.

Please share your thoughts

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