Captivate Gets a New Facelift

Captivate.promoWhen authors pick/design a cover for their book there is generally a specific reason why we chose it.  Maybe the cover portrays a theme or message for the book.  Maybe it’s a location or a particular scene that we want noticed.  When I designed my original cover for Captivate I chose a scene for the book, a book cover photo shoot to be exact.

Captivate is the tale of Ashlyn, an introverted assistant to be a big name smexy romance author.  She is in charge of keeping both the finances, schedule and her boss, Tamsin Archer under control.  A task easier said than done most times.  When Ashlyn stumbles into Slade Collins on the streets of London, she could never have known just how entangled their lives would become.  Forced to work side by side, Ashlyn learns that there is more to life than work and Slade discovers that sometimes the things you think you want most in life are actually the worst things for you.

FinalCaptivateThis book has a light hearted, sweet sort of romance that builds through the pages.  It is not graphic and it is not based on lust, although that element does come into play.  Captivate is a fade to black sort of book and although my original cover fit a particular scene it gave the wrong impression of the theme of the book.

Here is the newly updated cover for Captivate.

What do you think?  Does this cover fit the feel of my book better than the original?

Do you think this might be a book for you?  Right now and leading all the way up to Valentine’s day, I am giving away Captivate for free as my gift to you.

It is available on multiple platforms.  Some platforms are still in the process of updating the cover, just an FYI!

Download at Apple iBooks

Download at Amazon Kindle

Download at Barnes & Nobles Nook

Download at Smashwords

Download at Kobo store

Download at Sony

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